DJ Khayos


Meet DJ Kayoss

DJ Kayoss, a seasoned artist in the music industry, has been captivating audiences with his versatile and innovative performances for over eight years. His musical journey began with the rhythmic beats of the drum kit, an experience that laid the foundation for his unique approach to DJing.
His expertise lies in the Bollywood and Punjabi genres, but he doesn’t stop there. DJ Kayoss has developed a distinctive style that masterfully blends elements of Top 40 and Hip Hop, creating a musical fusion that is both fresh and exciting.
But what sets DJ Kayoss apart is his commitment to his craft. He strives to create memorable experiences at every event, ensuring that each performance is not just enjoyable, but unforgettable. His passion for music is evident in every beat he plays, and he takes immense joy in sharing this passion with his audience. With DJ Kayoss behind the decks, every event is guaranteed to be a hit.