Audio Visual & Lighting


Designed to provide several different ways to illuminate space within your venue. Our state of the art fixtures are controlled to illuminate your venue and dance floor with several different textured patterns which add a distinctive look to any particular area. Additionally, these lights can be manipulated to spotlight your grand entrance, head table, buffet arrangement, and first dance. Creating a fun party atmosphere during the musical entertainment portion of your evening is one of the most important functions of our intelligent lights as our on-site staff is trained with the ability to control each fixture to match the beat of your song.

Perimeter LED Up Lights

One of the most creative ways to add that special touch to your wedding venue. Perfect for illuminating walls, drapery and unique venue features, these small lighting fixtures are placed around the perimeter of your banquet room in a colour of your choice creating a perfect ambiance for your event.

Pin Spot table lighting

A great way to make your decorated tables and centerpieces stand out as sharp beams and attention to detail. Pin Spot lighting is available only in our in-house venues.