DJ A-Kay


Meet DJ A-Kay

DJ A-Kay is a dynamic and versatile DJ who has captivated audiences with his exceptional talent in blending Punjabi/Bollywood music and Hip-Hop/Top 40 tracks. With an innate passion for music and an unmatched ability to read the crowd, DJ A-Kay has established himself as a stronghold in the DJ industry.

Born and raised in a rich musical heritage, DJ A-Kay developed an early affinity for Punjabi and Bollywood music. His deep-rooted knowledge of these genres, coupled with his intrinsic understanding of rhythm and melody, allows him to curate sets that seamlessly fuse the best of both worlds and keep the floor packed throughout the night. Whether it’s the infectious energy of Bhangra or the catchy hooks of Bollywood hits, DJ A-Kay effortlessly mixes them playing all the banger tracks, creating an electrifying and unforgettable night.

DJ A-kay

DJ A-Kay