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What MUSIC do we specialize in?
Bhangra, Hindi, Top 40, Old School, RnB, Hip Hop, House, Reggae and Classics.
We have different DJ’s who further specialize in each genre, so if you are looking for more Bhangra, or more Hindi, or more Old School- we have the DJ for you.
Having said the above- a common question we get asked when people call us is- What type of music do you play? We can’t stress enough how, generally speaking, that is probably the single worst question a potential customer can ask a DJ company. Why is that you ask? Two reasons:
  1. It depends on the crowd we are playing for. Good DJ’s do not and should not have the same set/playlist for all functions. Therefore without knowing anything about the crowd- background/ethnicity, age, etc- we can’t say in advance what we will be playing. More importantly, talented DJ’s have the unique ability to read the crowd, which is what separates the good from average- being intuitive and knowing what the crowd wants to hear, before even they themselves know!
  2. Most DJ’s will likely say they play everything. While that may have some truth it in the sense of one track here or there, that likely wont cut it for your event. So instead of you asking DJ’s what type of music they play- what you should do is ask them if they play the type of music you are looking for. For instance, tell the DJ, that you are looking for someone who can play Old School, then ask them to name off some artists/songs (if you’re opinion of Old School is Michael Jackson or Madonna and his is Brittany Spears- you have a problem!). Also, you should name off some of your favorites. You’ll be able to tell from that conversation if you are speaking to a company that will entertain your guests accordingly. Knowledge of music is essential.
Another common question is- Can we pick out the music for the evening? This is a tricky question. We feel it is imperative that the bride/groom pick out their 1st Dance, Cake Cutting, Entry Songs, and any other songs for a specific item/ceremony. It is also important that the bride/groom give us some indication of favorite party tunes as well. However, it is not necessary, nor advisable for the entire nights playlist to be set out in advance. Like we said earlier, talented DJ’s don’t need to follow a list. At Empire Entertainment, all of our DJ’s have been trained to keep the dance floor packed with unique blending and mixing ability. Besides, when you’ve hired a professional- you shouldn’t have to be worried about going through lists and list of songs, that’s what you pay us for! The last thing you will have to worry about is the music!
Finally, about requests. Our goal is to have the most extensive library of music on hand as possible. For us, saying “Sorry we don’t have that song” is unacceptable. Therefore as long as a request is reasonable for the general audience- it will be played. If you ask us to play The Cure at a Punjabi wedding, while we may have their songs, it is unlikely we would be able to play it in good conscience.
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