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Q.How much do you charge?
A.Rates very depending on a number factors. There is no “one price fits all” policy. The price that you will be quoted is based on the type of event, size of hall, number of guests, package you choose, extras you order, date, etc etc. This is why we recommend that you fill out our INQUIRY FORM, so we have the necessary details to give you an accurate quote.

Q.Why does the price vary according to number of people?
A. The number of guests attending gives us the exact piece of information we need to know to determine the type of, quantity, and size of equipment that will be required for your event. The amount of equipment and setup time is significantly different for an event for 100 people than for 800 people. As such the price will reflect that.

Q.We have booked a hall that has in “in house” system- should we use it?
A.It depends on the hall. Some halls have policies where outside equipment is simply not permitted- in which case- you don’t have much choice. If no such policy exists- then we can, based on our experience, recommend how you should proceed. Really it depends on if it was installed correctly and if it will enhance your event. Generally speaking, we do recommend using in house systems.

Q.How many years of experience do your DJ’s have?
A.Depending on the DJ/Entertainer you choose, from 5-15+ years.

Q.Do you do this full time?
A.Yes. Empire Entertainment is a full time business. This is the only way that you can be assured, as a customer, that you will have the attention and dedication required for your event. Be wary of hobbyists and part-timers- you may save some money- but do you really want your event in the hands of a rookie?

Q.What type of music do you play?
A.While we specialize in South Asian music, of course. We are unique in this market in that we can cater to almost any crowd. See our < a href =”/music”>MUSIC page for full details and explanations.

Q. I’m getting X DJ Company to do it for X amount. Will you match it?
A. No. You are not always comparing apples to apples. It may be, they have only been in business for 6 months or don’t have a great reputation. It’s not a fair comparison. That being said, depending on the event and what you require- Company X may be sufficient! Remember, though, you get what you pay for.

Q. Is the price negotiable?
A. Depends. If the event is from April-November (busy season), regardless if it’s on a Saturday or Sunday, generally speaking the price is not negotiable. This is because the demand for weekends is really high at that time. The price we quote you, upon gathering the necessary info, is the best price we can do for your date at the time.

Q. Can your DJ’s handle the MC responsibility?
A. Yes. However, we strongly recommend that, in the event you are not having a family member, best man, or friend handling the MC duties- you consider hiring an MC that we can provide. If you just need the DJ to make introductions or announcements- that is no problem. However, if you want someone to handle all the details of your program- it’s best you hire a separate MC. A DJ’s job is to make sure your crowd is on the floor having a blast, not to worry if the next speaker is in the room- let his talents shine where they should!

Q. Are your DJ’s interactive and do you motivate the crowd?
A. There are many ways to be interactive. Ever been to a function where the music is flowing so smoothly, and songs are being mixed in so fluidly, with no breaks or gaps, and every time a new song comes in- the crowd either cheers or pushes their hands in the air? That is our idea of motivating the crowd. Keeping the energy flowing by DJ’ing ability- as opposed to coaxing and yapping meaninglessly on the microphone. Why does the crowd need to hear the DJ say “Ok, now we’re going to speed things up”, it’s ridiculous! To be interactive is to have the entire crowd in the palm of your hands not leaving the floor, because each mix and song is better than the previous- with nobody wanting to go home!

Q. What lighting effect do I require?
A. The most popular lighting effect we provide is the “moving head” intelligent light. Not only do these fixtures light up the dance floor beautifully for your 1st dance or party time- they can also provide a spotlight effect. The spotlight effect can be programmed to shine on your podium for speeches, cake table during cake cutting, head table, and entrance doors- wherever you desire! In comparison, “basic” lights are simply plug and play. You plug the lights in- and they move to the beat. Something to keep in mind however- all the lighting in the world will not make up for a DJ who “train-wreck” mixes his songs together. For our DJ’s it’s about their talent- not the talent of a light fixture. Don’t get duped into booking a DJ simply because of the effects they provide.

Q.Why don’t you offer any other services such as Video and Photography?
A.Would you like us to bake your cake as well? Just kidding! The reality is, we are not a “one-stop” party center- we specialize in Entertainment. Video/Photo and DJ have nothing in common, in terms of ability or expertise. Therefore, we specialize in what we do best, and where we excel. Generally speaking, Video companies who provide DJ services usually “throw the DJ in”. If you want to guarantee your guests have a great time- hire a professional dedicated DJ.

Q. How much deposit do you require to secure date?
A Anywhere from 30%-50%.

Q. When is the best time to book to guarantee availability?
A. One year in advance