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Founded in 1991, Empire Entertainment is proud to be serving the community for over 20 years
with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from event venues to the wedding market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our top 6


Tips and suggestions that will help you when it
comes to planning your day.


Don’t do your entrance tell all your guests have arrived and are seated.

There’s nothing worse then entering to a noisy, half settled, half-full hall. In most cases it is completely unrealistic to expect that all your guests will have arrived and are seated by 7pm even on a Sunday! Things usually have a way of balancing out by the end of the night anyway. Besides  what’s the rush! Let your guests mingle and drink- TRUST ME it will make your party that much better!


Be sure to provide your DJ with a detailed itinerary at least a few days before your Wedding/Reception Day.

He will need that so he can follow along and be prepared. As well, this will give him the opportunity to offer you suggestions.


When making your itinerary BE EXACT!

If someone has a performance that is 6 mins then allot only 6 mins, not 15 mins, in your itinerary. I have seen many functions thrown all out of order because of this huge mistake. Same goes for speeches if you know that the person is only giving a toast- than allot 2 mins not 10 mins. It’s not only your agenda that you need to worry about, but the caterer may not be ready in time because you whipped through your program in 15 mins when you allotted 45. It looks ill planned.


Always do your first dance just BEFORE you want to start the party.

Do not do it after you just enter unless you have a second slow dance planned for later. Slow dances are very important as they provide a perfect transition to start the party.